‘Star Wars’: Up Close & Personal

    For Star Wars fans young and old, the latest exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Art is a MUST SEE.

The exhibit, dubbed “Star Wars: Power of Costume”, features over 60 costumes from the iconic movies. What’s more, guests are able to see and learn about the design of costumes their favorite characters wore. A guided audio tour offers an inside look at just how each costume was developed, from prototype to finished product. In addition, issues such as similarities between costumes and real world cultural practices are explored.

    Featuring an entire exhibit dedicated to a  movie like Star Wars at such a well known institution brings an entirely different crowd of people to the museum scene.

The addition of self-directed learning via hand held electronic devices provided at the exhibit also add a hands on approach to learning that is perfect for the latest generation of youngsters. In conjunction, these factors have made both visiting museums and learning in general seem less boring. Fun even.

    Interestingly enough one need not be a Star Wars fan or even have seen any of the movies to get something out of the exhibit.

Several visitors were even quoted as saying that they thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit and learning more about costume design, despite not being a a Star Wars fanatic. Which, is why this limited time exhibit is highly recommended for anyone who will be in or near the city of Detroit between now and September 30th.

    So, how much will this one of a kind, limited time encounter with Star Wars movie cost you?

Well, prices vary greatly based on age, when you visit, and how large your group is. Tuesdays through Thursdays are the most budget friendly days to visit the exhibit. Adults prices are either $19 or $15 per person depending on the size of the group. Youth admittance to is only a mere $6 to $7 depending on group size. Groups with 15+ members receive the lower rate. Friday through Sunday ticket prices are $5 more expensive for adult visitors.

    If you want to learn more about the exhibit itself in preparation for your visit, please click here for a list of the top 9 items on the display from the Star Wars franchise.

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