Funny Boys Halloween Costumes (need images)

Halloween is the one time each year where people of all ages get to express their creativity. Why not take full advantage of the opportunity to go all out?  While dress up and makeup may sound more exciting to many young girls, there are plenty of costume ideas for boys that allow them to fully dress up and utilize makeup as well. Get in the spirit, and check out these boys Halloween costumes that  are both creative and funny.

14 Boys Halloween Costumes

Peter Pan’s Shadow –

The less popular counter-part to Peter Pan. Yet, everyone knows his mischievous shadow. This costume is a simple DIY project. What you’ll need is all-black tights, boots, a shaggy t-shirt, skinny belt, hat, and feather. But most importantly, you will need a lot of black face and body paint.

Hobbit –

Lord of the Rings fans can steal this adorable costume from Amazon. You could even easily replicate the costume with some linen clothing and a brown cape. Accessorize the costume with a prop sword to really capture the medieval style.

Charlie Chaplin –

This hilarious costume calls for a simple DIY project. If your son has a suit, you already have the main portion of the costume. The bowler hat, cane, and mustache are also essential. That is really all you need, so this is a great option for the child that doesn’t like a lot of fuss.

Golfer –

Sons don’t have to wait until fathers day  to show dad or grandpa they want to be just like him. Just grab an argyle sweater vest, cargo shorts, and some plastic golf clubs. Accessorize with props such as white socks, sunglasses, and golf hats.

Elvis –

Choose a classic and cool costume that everyone will love. This is an especially great choice for those that have musical talent, are fans, or just like an audience. Buy this costume from Amazon. Accessorize with a microphone or a ukulele.

Chucky –

This costume can easily be found in most costume stores or online, and also easily created. All that is needed is a blue and red stripped long sleeve, blue overalls, face makeup, and a red wig. Use makeup to create the look of blood and stiches. To really complete  the look, accessorize with a prop knife. If your children or their friends are looking for couple Halloween costumes, then one can go as the Bride of Chucky.

Weather Man –

This costume is both dressy and crafty. Your son can wear slacks, and a button up dress shirt. To accessorize, add a messy tie, and hold a microphone, and a flipped inside-out umbrella to look like he’s been caught in a storm.

Napoleon Dynamite-

Your kid may be too  young to know who Napoleon Dynamite is, or  maybe you have enlightened them at an early age. Either way, this costume will be sure to make your friends laugh and is fairly easy to assemble. He just needs the “Vote for Pedro” t-shirt (which can be found on Amazon), blue  jeans, glasses, and the iconic red afro which can be styled with a wig.

Operations Game-

Kids and families love the game! So why not dress up as it? Buy it from Amazon or Walmart, or get to Pinterest and create your own. Just be sure you don’t forget the red nose.

Monopoly Man-

For the son that likes to dress nice.  Aside from weddings, Halloween may be the only chance to wear a nice suit. Accessorize with a top hat, bow tie, cane, and white mustache. To double the fun, a friend can dress up as a game piece or the actual board game.

Minions –

It’s not difficult to find the popular yellow minion costumes from Despicable Me. Most Halloween stores carry them, as well as many online retailers. Plus, they’re funny and adorable.

Toy Soldier-

These green men were staple characters in Toy Story. Bring them to life with an all green costume. Your child will need the solid green army uniform, helmet, green plastic gun, and green face and body paint.

Waldo –

This loved classic character is super easy to recreate which is great for a last minute option or for the child that values comfort over craftsmanship. Just a simple blue jean, red and white stripped shirt, the  matching hat, and  round glasses create the full ensemble.

Jack Skellington –

A cult classic! The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Disney favorite, yet scary and perfectly in tune with the spooky holiday. There are many different variations of this costume, leaving your child with plenty of options to choose from.  These Halloween costumes can be worn with a mask,  or with heavy face paint and makeup.

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