Unique Toddler Halloween Costumes (need images)

Halloween is a fun and exciting time of year, especially for children. Parents should keep it fun too with these stress free, easy costume ideas for your toddler. Whether you prefer to DIY or shop online , there are plenty of unique ideas for Halloween costumes.


DIY Halloween Costumes

Carl from UP –

Carl’s outfit can easily be created with clothes you may already have for your child. All that is needed is a simple grey cardigan, brown pants,  a bow tie, and black glasses. Complete the look with a bouquet of balloons and a makeshift walker. The walker can easily be made with some old pipes and tennis balls.

Troll –

There are only three key pieces to the troll costume; a tan leotard, a colorful tutu, and wild hair! Tease the hair up and color with a purple or pink hair spray. A great last minute costume!

Crazy Cat Lady/Man-

Simply attach some small stuffed animals to a fluffy bathrobe.  Add some funny accessories such as hair rollers and glasses and you got a Halloween costume that’s both easy and comfortable!

Risky Business –

To copy Tom Cruise, all your kid needs is socks, a white button up, and black shades. Another great last minute costume that’s effortlessly cool.

Boo from Monsters Inc –

This costume requires more arts and craft skill. All that is needed is purple fabric, a mop head, and eyeballs, but there will also be some cutting and sewing involved. This could be a fun family project to work on together.

Skunk –

A skunk can also be easily created from clothes your child may already have. A simple black hoodie and black sweatpants combo will keep your child comfortable and warm. Add some white “fur” on the chest and from the back up to the top of the head to recreate the look of Bambi’s cute friend.


Similarly to the skunk, dress your child in a white sweatshirt and sweatpants. Create the Unicorn mane  and tail with pink and purple yarn. Shape, cut out, and glue on some ears made from felt. To create a pretty horn, mold packing paper into the proper shape. It’s lightweight and flexible. Then, wrap it in white felt, and finish with gold tape for the swirl. Decorate the look with felt flowers and glitter for finishing touches.


To transform your toddler into a cupcake, all you need is frosting and sprinkles! Create the “frosting” with a frayed tule tutu. Create the look of sprinkles by adding small colorful pom poms to a plain white shirt. This costume is simple and easy yet fun!


Creating a peacock Halloween costume is for the more crafty parent. While the top half of the costume only requires a simple blue shirt, designing and piecing together the tail may take some time. Attach a fan to a blue tule tutu. Then, glue synthetic peacock feathers to the fan in the back of the tutu to replicate the tail.


Unique Halloween Costumes to Buy

Rosie the Riveter –

A pro- feminist costume that looks adorable on all ages! Buy it on Etsy for a hassle free Halloween costume that will be sure to get compliments and points for originality.

Shark –

While there may be mermaids and fish found Trick or Treating and at Halloween parties, there is less likely to be a shark. Your toddler will stand out in this adorable costume! It’s an especially great choice for animal activist families to encourage children to like sharks, since they are currently being hunted and killed for their fins, and looked at as monsters by Hollywood. Find this Halloween costume at Target for a steal of $21.

Amelia Earhart-

This pilot costume is truly original and adorable in style. Complete with googles and a scarf, it’s quite detailed and recognizable. It’s never too early to teach children about history. Get this costume from Amazon for $40.

Oompa Loompa –

This Charlie and the Chocolate Factory classic comes with a whole body outfit and green wig! For the finishing touches, add orange face paint. This Halloween costume is found at Walmart for only $20.

Where’s Waldo?

This classic character will stand out for once! This cute and simple costume can also be purchased from Walmart for $20.


For more creative Halloween costumes, search Pintrest and Etsy for unique ideas.

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