The Essentials of A Career in Audio Engineering

Audio engineers are used in nearly all areas of the entertainment industry making pursuing a career as an audio engineer a great option!

An audio engineer typically has many responsibilities ranging from operating and maintaining electrical equipment and mixing music to adding sound effects and recording live performances. Since sound is everywhere, so are the job opportunities. An audio engineer is able to work in the field of video games, movies, tv, music, radio, concerts, sports events and more!

What degree is necessary to become an audio engineer?

Typically (unless the individual has already been working in the field through personal connections) a Bachelor’s degree in audio engineering is extremely beneficial. One of the most important benefits of a postsecondary degree is the hands on experience gained from using the school’s equipment, software, and studio. Since the equipment is very expensive, this may be a smart option.

However, because it is very important to physically be there to learn the recording equipment properly, online degrees for this career may not be the best choice. Since technology is constantly improving it may be advantageous to continue taking courses to stay current (and for future job promotions!) Checking websites such as LinkedIn will also help in determining what is normally expected from an employer to be considered as a possible job candidate.

What does the future of an audio engineer look like?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, growth in the field of audio engineering is expected to grow by 8% in the coming years. This growth rate is average so there’s no reason to be concerned about this career becoming obsolete in the future.

The average annual salary for an audio engineer in 2017 was $42,650, equating to $20.51 per hour. This can certainly become much higher depending on the field of entertainment worked in, and the amount of talent possessed!

Becoming involved in a professional organization, such as the Audio Engineering Society, may also create an opportunity for career advancement. Making connections is vital in an industry like that of entertainment, so being involved is a smart move to make. Gaining knowledge from other audio engineers is another reason to become active in the community.

If you have any information or advice for the future audio engineers of the world, leave a comment below!

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