Services to Help Seniors Live Independently

Senior Services Overview

Many seniors prefer to keep living in their own homes; as opposed to moving in with a relative or going to a care facility. But seniors can have difficulties completing household activities and, in general, have trouble with  mobility, nutrition, low energy, and loss of driving ability. While seniors can get assistance from family and friends, they can’t always be relied on to provide all the time and care that a senior may need. Fortunately, many services exist that can offer several various kinds of assistance to seniors. With this assistance, seniors can get more independence and safety, increasing their overall quality of life.

What Will Seniors Need Help With?

There are services available to meet almost any need a senior may require. The following is a list of the most common types of services. Family members have the option of hiring individual services to address specific needs. But there are also services that offer more of an all-in-one package. Which is helpful for seniors that need comprehensive care.


Cleaning services can assist with laundry and housekeeping. Whether it’s monthly or weekly, a cleaning service can visit as frequently as they’re needed. Which would depend on the living situation of the senior. (size of the home, number of people living there, etc.) Home care companies can provide light housekeeping, but keep in mind that cleaning isn’t their primary purpose.


Many businesses have begun to adopt convenience features such as curbside service or delivery. Goods can also be ordered online. Retailers like drug stores, dry cleaners, grocery stores, etc. offer express pickup of pre-purchased items or same-day delivery. Depending on the area, there are also services that can do the shopping for the senior and deliver items to their home.  Which is especially helpful for those seniors with restricted mobility. If the senior’s main difficulty is driving, services like ride-sharing, taxis, and public transportation can help them to get around. The services provided by home care agencies can sometimes include driving assistance for tasks like grocery shopping or doctor’s appointments. A personal aide can also help with transportation and errands, even if the senior is unable to leave their home.


Not being able to eat well can do considerable damage to a senior’s health, and a lot of the quickest and most convenient food options, like take-out or frozen meals, can be quite unhealthy. One of the most prominent food services for seniors is Meals on Wheels; their programs vary depending on location, but they can generally deliver nutritious and affordable meals to seniors who can’t cook for themselves. While prepared meal services are convenient, many people would prefer home-cooked meals. Home care agencies can provide aides who help seniors cook meals from scratch. If the aide can only visit infrequently, they can freeze the meals to eat later.


Finance is complicated for everyone, regardless of age, but it can be especially hard for seniors to handle their money situation, and financial issues can rapidly become a huge problem. While many seniors have their finances dealt with by a close family member, there are also professionals that can be hired to manage a senior’s finances: financial advisors, daily money managers, geriatric care advisors, and the like. But always make sure that the person you hire is reputable.


Many seniors take some form of medication, but if their ability to reliably remember their medication schedule becomes compromised, they’ll need some help. While there are many products meant to help people remember their meds, a senior needs a real person to come and make sure the medication gets taken. One solution is for home care workers to visit every day at a set time to assist with the senior’s meds. Sometimes Medicare will assign a senior a home health aide to administer medication if the senior is unable to.


For those with limited mobility, moving around the house can be troublesome, and sometimes even harmful. Seniors can get assistance from professional caregivers who can help assist and supervise the senior, as well as prevent accidents. This can help seniors become less anxious and more active, as a caregiver can help seniors get regular exercise and activities.

Personal Care

Good hygiene is a crucial part of being healthy. Unfortunately, seniors with limited physical or mental ability often have difficulty performing tasks like shaving, bathing, or brushing their teeth. Home care companies or home health agencies can provide bathing assistance, as well as continence care, to seniors. Allowing them to keep up their hygiene and avoid discomfort. For the more aesthetic aspects of self-care, some salons provide house calls for things like haircuts, nail care, and shaving, but this largely depends on the area.

How to Address a Senior’s Needs & Hire Help

You should always consult your loved one, and other family members, about the kind of care that they need. When you know what type of service you need, you want to do some research to ensure that you hire the right people. Consult the people that you know to see if they have any experience with senior care services and have any idea about which ones you should trust.

You can also consult your local Area Agency on Aging; they provide information on local, state, and federal services for seniors. Outreach offices, charities, religious centers, social workers, and health care providers can also help find services or even providing some themselves. A significant factor that can affect the kinds of services you can hire is cost. Most of the services mentioned here are private companies, but some can be covered by insurance, depending on income level. But if a loved one is mostly able to live on their own, hiring a few services to help them out will be cheaper in the long run than sending them to a long-term care facility.


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