Sound Engineer Career in Three Steps

        So, you are interested in a career as a sound engineer, but don’t know where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This no nonsense article breaks down the three milestone steps you need to take to begin your career as a sound engineer.

The best experience you can have to list on your resume is hands on experience with a trained professional. This experience can be as simple as going to an event that involves some type of live performance and observing a sound engineer at work. This enables you to see how their work enhances the quality of the event or performance. In addition, you’ll be able to tell sooner rather than later if this is the right career for you. The best way to attain hands on experience is to reach out to people in the business. Volunteer to assist them in any way possible. Not only will this expand your knowledge of sound engineering, but also allow you to establish a foothold in the industry. These connections could potentially open up future job opportunities.

    Another way to build up your knowledge of what a sound engineer does is to find an internship in the field.

This internship doesn’t even have to be in the field of sound engineering to be useful either! Any internship in a related or relevant field will expand your knowledge and enhance your resume. Be prepared to take an internship that is unpaid, and know that they experience you gain throughout the long, irregular hours is truly priceless. There is a wide variety of internship opportunities within the field, so take advantage of everything you can!

Once you have gotten some experience and know that a career as a sound engineer is for you, the next step is to invest in formal training. You’ll want to do some independent investigating to start out, and learn whatever you can about the mechanics behind sound engineering. The technology in the field is constantly evolving and changing, so it’s critical that you stay up to date. Next, check out the latest in music software and try out your skills at mixing songs. While this isn’t a necessity for all sound engineer jobs, it’s a nice skill set to possess. Be patient and take the time to learn how to mix both new and old songs.

    Education and certification plays a tremendous role in starting off your career as a sound engineer.

When working with anything in the electrical field, safety is a top priority. This is no different for sound engineers. You’ll want to know all of the rules and regulations that sound engineers are expected to follow to promote electrical safety in the field. Do as much research as you can, and look into taking a local class or seminar on electrical safety. When it comes to getting a degree for sound engineer, you have plenty of options. While a degree isn’t required for all jobs, it will open up more job opportunities in your future career. Degree programs vary greatly, and range from 1 to 4 years. Your degree will most likely be in either audio or sound engineering. A degree helps you learn all aspects of the job, from mechanics, to business, and everything in between.

    Finally, to be successful as a sound engineer you need to develop the right skills.

Chief among these skills is people skills. You will be working with a wide variety of people and personality types throughout your entire career. Being personable, patient, and a good listener will allow you to forge plenty of strong bonds with people both inside and outside the industry. Learning that language and jargon associated with sound engineer is also an important skill. This will allow you to communicate better with other sound engineers and enhance your professional reputation. Flexibility is huge in the sound engineering business! You will be working a lot of odd hours, and need to be willing to cater to others needs/schedules. Also, don’t expect to have nights and weekends off.

    There you have it, the essentials for how to begin your career as an sound engineer. Looking for more information on the topic? Click here.

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