What is Temp-to-Hire ?

In simple terms, a temp-to-hire position is a temporary job. An agency temporarily places an employee in a company to accomplish an assignment. If the employee does well, they may be hired as a permanent addition. However, it is never guaranteed that an employee will be hired on permanently. A company may not need the position filled continuously, or plan on cutting expenses. Reasons for a temp-to-hire vary. A company may have an employee take a leave of absence, or they need to hire an outside employee that is more qualified for a specific project.


While a temporary position may not sound appealing to many people, there are also many benefits. Temp-to-hire positions provide an opportunity to gain new experience. Perhaps you are interested in a new field, but want to test the waters before you commit. Or maybe you know you want to work in that industry, and need to get a foot in the door to work your way up. No matter what, it’s going to be good for building your resume. It’s an easy addition to your work experience. It’s also an opportunity to network and meet new peers in different industries. Networking is important for every job industry. Making new connections and building relationships can open doors for more new opportunities. It can also help you gain new professional references.  These new experiences are great practice and will help build confidence.


Even though temp-to-hire positions are temporary, employers still have high expectations. Temp employees should also have expectations for themselves. Don’t just take a temp position because you immediately need a job.

You should still find a temp position that meets your goals. Find a position that is in the industry you want to work in, or will prepare you for another position you want to work towards. It is also important to give your best effort. If you want to use the employer as a reference or continue to network with them, you must leave a good impression. Don’t assume that because you are temporary that your work doesn’t matter or that they will forget about you. In fact, that’s all the more reason to work harder and stand out.

Do not bother employers or ask about the status of your position. Even if they mention or hint that you may be hired permanently. It is unprofessional and will hurt your success.

Develop new skills and document your accomplishments. Temps don’t receive performance reviews, so keep track of your own progress. This may include building a portfolio, or adding new skills to your resume. It’s helpful to ask for feedback on your work. Employers often also appreciate it because it’s an indication that you care and take the job seriously.


If you’re currently seeking a temp position, check out AdeccoAction Employment , or search for temp agencies near you. You can also search for temp positions in job search site like Indeed.

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