Most Popular Pinterest Hashtags

By September 25, 2018Pinterest

    Pinterest recently enabled users to ad hashtags to each pin they create and post on the bulletin board like site. So, now business’s are scrambling to find out the most popular Pinterest hashtags.

However, hashtags are nothing new when it come to marketing on social media. Hashtags have been around and running rampant on social media since 2007. While, hashtags got their start on Twitter, they have now spread to various other social media platforms. With this spread, businesses began to use hashtags as an easy way to market their product and brand on social media. Why are hashtags such a great marketing tool? Well, for starters they are 100% free. Secondarily, they have become one of the primary ways that consumers connect with businesses and brands. Plus, since hashtags have been around for over a decade, there is now a formula for how to craft marketable hashtags. So, what does this have to do with the most popular Pinterest hashtags?

Since Pinterest permitted pinners to include hashtags in their pins, businesses have seen a huge spike in both website traffic and overall online visibility. These two things are key to growing and expanding any company. In addition, each new visitor to your site, could become a new customer and future reference. Despite Pinterest’s popularity, many businesses still don’t completely understand the site or how to create money making hashtags. If that’s you, do not be alarmed! This article will break down exactly how to create popular and profitable hashtags!

most popular Pinterest hashtags

    The complete checklist for creating the MOST POPULAR PINTEREST HASHTAGS:

  • Place your hashtag at the bottom of your pin’s description box.
  • Make sure your hashtag is true, explicit, and highly relevant to your content/pin.
  • Use hashtags that pinners (Pinterest users) are actually looking for.
  • Using too many hashtags can actually be detrimental to your pin’s visibility, so try to stick to a maximum of 20.
  • Hashtag search results are displayed in chronological order, so it won’t help you to add hashtags to old pins.
  • Broad hashtags don’t help promote your pins, so avoid them at all costs
  • Hashtags don’t have any impacted on “promoted” pins
  • Four key takeaway points for crafting hashtags: #Timely, #Relevance, #Descriptive, and #20orLess
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