Stickers: How to Remove Them From Your Carpet

By September 12, 2018Carpet Cleaner, For Client

Stickers come in a wide variety and are fun for children of all ages. But when they get stuck to places that they’re not supposed to, and even if you do remove them, they can leave a sticky residue. Here are a few methods that you can use to easily remove stickers from hard surfaces.

Rubbing Alcohol

Considered the cheapest and most efficient method for getting rid of stubborn adhesives. Soak the sticker with the alcohol for a few minutes, then scrape the sticker off with a blunt object. However, rubbing alcohol can cause damage to certain surfaces like natural stones.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers also contain rubbing alcohol and have a similar effect on adhesives.


Vinegar is also cheap and efficient, the method is the same as using rubbing alcohol, but will require more physical force. But vinegar can damage hardwood floors, as well as sealants and finishes.

Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil is good for cleaning natural stone surfaces. Apply the oil to the sticker and gently rub it away with a paper towel. After the adhesive is dissolved, use liquid dish soap to clean up the oil.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is natural and has a pleasant scent. Be sure to test the surface you want to clean to make sure it doesn’t react badly to the oil.

Pencil Erasers

Peel off as much of the sticker as you can, then rub the adhesive with an eraser. Lastly, rub the spot with a damp cloth.

Baby Oil

Baby oil is effective for non-porous hard surfaces like tile. Apply the oil to the residue and wipe with a cloth.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter can be used on wooden surfaces without causing damage. Be sure to remember to clean up the peanut butter after the sticker is removed.


Steam can melt down the adhesive but can’t be used on hardwood. Soften the glue and scrape it off with a blunt edge.


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