Chiropodists: What are They?

By October 18, 2018Foot Doctor, For Client

A chiropodist is a doctor who specializes in feet. Nowadays, the term podiatrist has replaced the older term. But some parts of the world still refer to foot doctors as chiropodists.


Chiropodists, like podiatrists, assess, diagnose, and treat issues with the lower limbs. They can also help with arthritis, diabetes, nail surgery, and sports injuries, as well as biomechanical assessments and the prescription of orthotics.


The term chiropodist has long been retired in the United States, but Australia used the term until 1977. This change occurred after the field of podiatry was officially regulated, and all practitioners had to be liscensed. But in some countries, like the United Kingdom, chiropodist is used interchangeably with podiatrist, and requires the same amount of education and licensing.


Podiatrists/Chiropodists study general medicine before specializing in podiatry. Becoming a podiatric surgeon can take as long as seven to ten years.


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