5 Simple Ways To Gain More Pinterest Followers

By November 11, 2018Pinterest

With over 250 million active users, Pinterest is slowly taking over the world. Well, not exactly, but with everyone from bloggers to entrepreneurs to large corporations using it, it’s clear that Pinterest is one powerful marketing platform.

1. Be Active!

This may seem like an obvious tip, but there’s a strategy to pinning. Using a scheduling tool such as Tailwind is something that is crucial to gaining more followers.

It will post pins when users are most engaged on Pinterest and it will tell you if and where you have posted a pin already. This is an extremely useful tool to employ, but this shouldn’t replace manually pinning as well.

A good tactic to use is to re-pin from the “Trending” pages since this is where a lot of traffic is found. Don’t be afraid to re-pin yourself either! Re-pinning a pin that someone has already pinned of yours (try saying that 5 times fast) and re-pinning it in a group board that you’re a member of is a great strategy.

This tells Pinterest your active and Pinterest will reward you by showing your pins more often – which in turn should get you more followers.

2. Know Your Competition

Look at your competitor’s followers and follow their followers. You and your competition likely have the same target audience – and if they follow them, why wouldn’t they follow you?

If you don’t already know who your competitors are, then just search for what your content is (such as blogging) and then select the “People” option which will show you who else is doing what you’re doing.

Look at as many of these Pinterest accounts as you can to see what you can learn from them. Also, once again – follow their followers!

3. SEO: The Pinterest Way

SEO is everywhere and there’s a reason for it. It works. A simple way to utilize it on Pinterest is to first search for what your blog is about. Let’s say it’s about cooking and you search for “Recipe” you’ll be given suggestions with the most popular searches such as “Easy Dinner Recipe” which will then become your longtail keyword.

You want to get as specific as possible with your keywords. They are what you will be using as your pin descriptions, on your profile, and in your board titles and descriptions.

Don’t forget to incorporate as many focus keywords as you can into your profile name and your hashtags!

4. Create A Pinterest Business Account

If you’re anything like me, the first question you’re asking – is it free? The answer is yes! Even if you already have a non-business Pinterest account, you can convert it to a business one. Don’t be thrown off by this – it may actually benefit you.

Pinterest considers accounts that have already been established for some time to be more trustworthy. This means that Pinterest will reward you by showing your pins in more feeds the longer your account has been active.

So why convert to a business account at all? Becoming a business account allows you to promote your own pins! Simply click on the “Ad” button to create your own promoted pin and then watch your followers grow.

5. Delete Unpopular Pins

It may at first seem counterproductive to delete your own pins – but poor performing pins may actually hurt you. They can lower your Pinterest ranking which will make being found by new followers more difficult.

To know which pins are not performing well check out your pin’s analytics. You can do this through various programs, including Tailwind. Just use the “Pin Inspector” feature and your on your way to removing material that you don’t need.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Perfecting Pinterest will take some time, but like anything it will get easier with practice. Just remember to always be watching out for new changes involving Pinterest. Staying current is crucial and will keep you aware of any new strategies you can use.

Gaining a large following on Pinterest gives you credibility and authority on the content you showcase. Pinterest can make you and your business some serious money once you’ve become established so go out there and gain those followers!

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