5 Simple Ways To Gain More Pinterest Followers

By November 11, 2018Pinterest

Over recent years Pinterest has become vastly more popular. Many know it for it’s DIY’s but it’s become more than just a crafting platform. From bloggers to large corporations, all kinds of people use Pinterest. It’s a great way to get the word out for just about anything.

Do you have a site you’d like to help bring more traffic to or have products and/or services you’d like to get the word out for? It helps to have followers. Here, I will go into a few easy ways you can gain Pinterest followers.

Create a Pinterest business account.

A business account is free. If you already have an account but it’s a regular one, no worries. You can convert it to a business one.

On your business account you can promote your pins. By clicking the “Ad” button, you can create a promoted pin. This is a quick way to get your content out to a new audience and help gain followers.

It’s handy to convert a regular account because the longer you’ve had a Pinterest account, the more trustworthy the site finds you. Pinterest rewards those who’ve been around a while by showing your pins in more feeds.

Consistency is key.

You have to remain active with your account. Staying active helps you to stay relevant. If you are constantly putting out quality content, you’re going to get noticed.

Using a scheduling tool like Tailwind https://www.tailwindapp.com is a good way to help you keep up with your pinning. Most people don’t have time every day to work on new content to pin. Using a scheduler can let you prepare a week worth of pins up in a day. It’ll post for you so you don’t have to worry about it on a daily basis.

Pinners like accounts who give out relevant pins often. If they’re following you, they want to see more of what you have to offer. You have to make sure to give them that to keep your audience and continue to grow.

Check out the competition.

It’s good to have an idea of what your competitors are doing. You could learn a thing or two by checking out their pages. Seeing their content might spark up an idea of something you’ve yet to try.

Are you unsure how to check out what pages are your competitors? Search for your content then click on the “People” option. Accounts will pop up with similar content as yours.

It’s always good to befriend a competitor. Many will often like to team up. You can share each other’s content and help each other gain new followers with shout-outs.

Consider keywords.

Keywords are a big part of SEO and it’s why so many sites use this to gain an audience. Consider the content your Pinterest has. Conjure up keywords that best describe what you have to offer.

You can use these keywords in hashtags or even directly on your profile name.

If you’re unsure how to come up with keywords you can do a quick search. Look up what your blog is about and suggestions of the most popular versions of this search will hold possible keywords. If you have three or more that’ll become your longtail keyword.

Remove unpopular pins.

You might have some pins you love but they didn’t perform well. By keeping these pins it could actually hurt your page growth.

Keeping them can lower your Pinterest ranking. If your ranking is lowered, then being found by new followers becomes more difficult.

By using the analytics for your pins, you can find which pins haven’t performed well. Tailwind allows you to do this with their “Pin Inspector” feature.

Overall, keep yourself informed.

By knowing the latest trends and following the tips I’ve mentioned, you’re bound to gain an increase in your following.

It’s not difficult but it does take time and a fair amount of work. By gaining a following you’re helping to create authenticity to your brand. People will notice you and take your content more seriously.

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