Air Force Reunions

By November 2, 2018For Client, Miliatry

Air Force Reuinions

Air Force Reunions, or AFR, began in 1988 in Norfolk, Virginia. At first, AFR worked with planning Navy reunions, but soon shifted to Air Force reunions. When AFR planned the Stalag Luft III Former POW reunion in St. Louis in 1992, this was cemented. AFR has worked with many bomber groups, fighter groups, as well as army air and air force groups.

AFR has established partnerships with the Air Force Retired Judge Advocate Association, the Society of Air Force Nurses, and the Misawa Project. They have also worked with the Department of the Air Force to put on a seminar in Washington DC.

The most popular AFR Locations include Colorado Springs, Dayton, San Antonio, Seattle, Savannah, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Omaha, Norfolk/Virginia Beach, and Albuquerque.


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