Marine Corps Reunions

By November 8, 2018For Client, Miliatry

Marine Corps Reunions

AFR has a long history of planning events for Marine groups. In 1994 they planned the Norfolk reunion for the 4th Marine Division Association. They’ve also organized many reunions for the 5th Marine Division, including their recent 2015 Virginia Beach reunion. As well as reunions for the 1st and 3rd Marine Divisions. Other frequent clients of AFR include the Marine Corps Aviation Association, the USMC Combat Helicopter Association, the 3/3 RVN Association, the Chosin Few, China Marines, the US Seagoing Marines, and the Marine Corps Weather Service Association. As well as the Anglico Association, Marine Phantom F-4s, the Delta 1/7 Vietnam Marines, Hotel 2/5, Alpha 1/12, and Echo 2/3. They have also organized the Marine Aviation Centennial in Washington DC in 2012.

Popular Marine reunion locations include Washington DC, San Diego, Charleston, Savannah, Wilmington/New Bern, Pensacola, and Norfolk.


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