Military Reunion Services

By November 13, 2018For Client, Miliatry

AFR provides military reunions with the best combination of knowledge, negotiation skill, and dedicated service you can find in the industry.

Site Selection

Having trouble finding a good spot for your reunion, AFR has planned reunions in over 150 cities and can help you find a reunion-friendly city with fun tour activities. AFR’s site selection and hotel negotiation services are provided at no cost.

Hotel Negotiations

Since 1988, AFR has booked thousands of hotel rooms and has a network of reunion-friendly hotels at their disposal. AFR can get you the best rates, reasonably priced banquet menus, and up-to-date info on complementary and discounted items.

Event Planning

You don’t need to worry when your reunion’s being handled by the top military reunion planners in the country. AFR can handle the menu, create tour programs, make hotel and event registration forms, book entertainment, and handle any other details. AFR’s job is to make sure everything goes smoothly and provide everyone with a memorable and affordable reunion.


AFR will take care of pre-registration and will create a custom secure website for your reunion. As well as mail-in registration with check or money order payments. The chairperson is given a custom password to allow them 24/7 access to the website. They will also take care of onsite registration and provide packets with programs, nametags, meal/tour tickets, and rosters.

On-Site Management

AFR will provide on-site registration and oversight for all group activities. The staff will handle last-minute arrivals, tours, and hotel meals. For larger groups, AFR also has a system to manage banquet seating.

Post Reunion Information

A list of all income and expenses will be provided to the reunion chairperson, as well as a final record of room pickups and complimentary room-nights earned. They will ensure that the hotel master account is accurate and that the group receives all the discounts and complimentary items that they’ve earned through AFR.


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