Navy Reunions

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Navy Reunions

AFR began in 1988 in Norfolk, Virginia, and started out planning Navy reunions. In 1991 alone, they planned 85 reunions. Typically these reunions took place in cities with naval bases or naval air stations like San Diego or Charleston. Or areas with naval training centers, like Chicago.

In 1989 they panned the first reunion for the crew of the USS Canberra and the second reunion of the Patrol Craft Sailors Association. And AFR has kept organizing reunions for these two organizations over the past 27 years. They also organized the first reunions for the crew of the USS Little Rock, the National LSM/LSM(R) Association, and the USS LCI National Association. AFR has organized many reunions in every city with ties to the US Navy. They also excel in finding reunion-friendly hotels and providing reunions with popular tour programs to help make the event as fun and affordable as possible.

In 2008, the Navy awarded AFR with a US Navy Reserve contract. Which involved running nationwide Returning Warrior Workshops to help returning reservists. These conferences help with post-combat stress and transitioning back to civilian life.

Some of the most popular reunion locations include Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Charleston, Providence, San Diego, Pensacola, Baton Rouge, Buffalo, Jacksonville, and Washington DC.


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