Profile Tips for Job Seekers

By November 6, 2018For Client, Temp Agency

Job websites like LinkedIn can help people find jobs, but when you’re not currently looking for a job, it’s easy to neglect your profile. Here are some tips to help you overhaul your online profile, how to make it shine and get noticed by recruiters.

Put in Enough Time to Make it Good

The more complete your profile, the more likely it is that it will be noticed. Be sure to fill out every part of the profile. Most sites will let you know how complete your profile is and will offer tips to help you complete it.

Use a Custom URL

It’s easier to publicize your profile if you have a customized URL, rather than a nondescript URL assigned to you by the website. Most websites let you edit your profile to allow for a change in URL.

Pick a Quality Photo

Make sure your profile image is clear, friendly, and professional. To find out what’s “professional” check out the pictures used by other people in your desired field and try and match their clothes.

Write a Solid Headline

Your headline doesn’t need to be your job title or company, in fact, it shouldn’t be. It’s better to use that space to show off your specialty and value proposition. The more specific you can be about what sets you apart, the better.

Take Advantage of Your Target Job Description

Look at the job descriptions of the career you’re looking for and copy them into a word cloud tool. Find the words that stand out; those are likely what recruiters are searching for. Make sure those words and phrases are included in your profile.

Don’t Waste Summary Space

Your profile summary should be around three to five short paragraphs, with a bulleted section in the middle. It should inform the reader of your work passions, key skills, unique qualifications, and the industries you’ve been exposed to.

Put the Numbers Up Front

When highlighting past successes in your profile, nothing reads better than hard numbers and case studies. Statistics never fail to impress.

Be Welcoming and Warm

Your profile summary is your best opportunity to showcase your good qualities and let recruiters get to know you. So it’s best to avoid long, wordy, speeches or the third person. Don’t be pretentious. Be yourself and keep your message in line with your other professional materials.

Avoid Buzzwords

The most overused words in job profiles are responsible, creative, effective, analytical, strategic, patient, expert, organizational, driven, and innovative. Avoid these words and be creative.

Treat Your Profile Like a Resume

A resume isn’t just a list of job responsibilities; it should highlight your best accomplishments. Same for your profile, flesh out your experience section with bullet points that go into the story behind the experience.

Use the First Person

While you shouldn’t use the first person in a resume, but it’s better to use the first person on job site profiles.

Be Personal

A job site profile is not a resume or a CV, be conversational and inject your personality. Display your values and passions.

Show Off Your Achievements

Always market yourself as a high performer in your summary and experience sections. Use action words, list your accomplishments, talk about getting promotions or being picked for projects.

Include Current Jobs, Even If You Don’t Have One

Only listing past experience and leaving your current position blank can cause you to get missed by recruiters, who primarily search for current positions. If you’re unemployed, add in a dummy job that includes the position you’re seeking. Use phrases like full-time student, in training, in transition, or seeking new opportunities.

Include Multimedia

Most sites let you add photos, videos, or slideshows to your profile. Multimedia allows you to show recruiters your work instead of simply telling them.

Include Work Experiences

Use multimedia to show off your experience, show off company websites, projects, articles, or other examples of your hard work.

Include Projects, Volunteering, and Languages

Speaking multiple languages, having project certifications, or volunteering looks good to recruiters. As well as showing off your various skills.

Request One Recommendation a Month

Don’t be afraid to ask your coworkers for recommendations but be sure to specify what the recommender should focus on. As generic recommendations won’t mean much to recruiters.

Be Strategic

Plan your recommendations carefully, talk to different people and ask them to highlight different qualities.

Don’t Be Afraid to Cut a Recommendation

Sometimes recommendations can be unsolicited or subpar, and if you can’t reach out to the author, some sites will let you hide individual recommendations.

Manage Endorsements

Use endorsements to show off your skills, but don’t let your profile get drowned out by too many endorsements. As your skills and responsibilities change, remove outdated endorsements and highlight the skills you want to be known for.

Update Your Status

You can update your job profile as often as you want, update it strategically and professionally. It’s best to update your profile at least once a week.

Be an Author

Some job sites allow you post work on their platform. You can share your thoughts on the state of your field and discuss recent developments. It’s also a smart way to show off your writing skills.

Add Your Blog

Certain sites will let connect your WordPress blog to your profile, which is another great way to show off your writing.

Be a Groupie

Some websites allow you to join industry-related groups, which will show recruiters that you’re engaged in your field. You can also take part in industry discussions and interact with people already working in your field.

Have at Least 50 Connections

Having less than 50 connections can make it look like you’re reclusive or uncomfortable with technology, neither of which look good to employers.

Don’t Add People You Don’t Know

If too many people reject your connection requests, some websites will suspend your account, so be judicious in who you send requests to.

Don’t Go Overboard

While a job site profile allows for more freedom and creativity than a resume, you don’t want to go too crazy. Take a step back and think about how your profile would look to an outside observer, is it overwhelming or enticing, and edit accordingly.

Keep Your Search Under Wraps

Job sites usually have privacy settings to prevent your current employer from knowing that you’re looking for a new job. As that can get awkward.

Make Sure You Can Be Found

Never forget to add your email address, and if you want, your blog or Twitter handle, to your profile’s contact information.

Be Excited

Recruiters always prefer to hire people who seem excited about what they do. So make sure your profile shows off your enthusiasm. Participate in group discussions, announce things you’re doing in your field, share interesting articles, and connect with industry leaders. Never stop putting yourself out there.


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