How to Get More Instagram Likes (And Why You Should Care)

By December 30, 2018Instagram
Instagram offers plenty of opportunities for marketing.

Instagram is a great place for anyone interested in either marketing themselves or their business. With over 800 million users, that equals a whole lot of marketing potential. Let’s go over some of the best and most relevant strategies to receiving more Instagram likes.

Engagement is Key

In order to prove to Instagram’s algorithm that your posts deserve to be noticed (aka increased visibility), you have to prove that you have actual engagement, not just a ton of likes. The likes you do receive must be authentic, don’t fall for paying for likes, this will not help you and is against Instagram’s guidelines anyway.

To get more engagement, give it.

Respond to your comments directly, like other Instagram user’s posts, and respond to your DMs. Don’t forget to reply and create Instagram Stories to strengthen your connection with your followers.

Instagram Stories is an incredible marketing tool that you should be using.

Features such as poll taking or asking your followers to DM you about a product you mention during a story, will increase engagement and in turn increase the likelihood of your posts showing up in their feed.

Timing is Everything

If you haven’t already jumped on the Instagram scheduler bandwagon, I suggest you do so now. Not only does using a scheduling tool provide you with more freedom for your day, but it also deciphers Instagram’s algorithms so you don’t have to.

A scheduling program, such as Later, will post for you, and only during times when you will have the most engagement with your followers.

Instagram’s algorithm also takes in to consideration how long a user spends viewing your post; the longer the better. Maintaining someone’s interest can be done in a few simple ways.

One strategy is to write clever and engaging captions. You want the caption to be on the longer side so that users stay on your post longer (even a few seconds will help.) Including a call-to-action in your caption is another smart tactic that is likely to produce more engagement.

Create a conversation with your captions.

Ask your followers a question or take a poll, do whatever you think will help in building a relationship with your followers.

Posting a video, or a collection of photos rather than only one, is another way to keep your followers on your post for longer.

Hashtags #StillMatter

Instagram and hashtags have had a rocky past, but don’t let that scare you. Hashtags can still be a great tool in generating more Instagram likes.

Instagram recently created the option for users to follow specific hashtags which is a great way to potentially gain new followers. When you create a hashtag, be as unique and relevant as possible. Also, according to Instagram’s recent algorithm changes, using a lot of hashtags may make Instagram think that your post is actually spam.

Five hashtags per post tends to be a safe amount. Try not to reuse the same hashtags over and over and post them in your comments section rather than in your caption.

Instagram is forcing us to be more authentic and to build more genuine relationships with our followers.

And I can’t argue with that.

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