How to Find Group Boards on Pinterest

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What Are Group Boards?

Pinterest groups, also known as collaborative boards, are pages run by a single Pinterest user where other users, with permission, can also post content. Why would you want to know how to find group boards on Pinterest? Users following the board only count as followers for the board owner but will see all the content from every group member in their feed. This means that if you join a group ran by someone with a lot of followers, all of those followers will see your content. Depending on the owner’s rules, any group member can invite users to join the group. When you follow someone on Pinterest, you won’t automatically follow any group boards they’re a part of; you’ll have to do that manually.

Why Use Group Boards

Reach & Traffic

The content you post in a Pinterest group will appear in the feed of everyone who follows the board or any of its members, causing a large increase in your views and traffic. Try to concentrate on posting your original content on the board instead of sharing content; the point is to increase your exposure.

Quality Content

Group boards are also a great way to find content to share since boards usually adhere to a general subject. Thus they’re a more efficient way of finding specific content than just trawling the internet.

Are Your Group Boards Working?

There’s a debate on how much group boards can increase your traffic, and if that’s the primary reason you’re using boards, you’ll want to use a third-party app to check your analytics to see how your content is performing.

Where to Find Group Boards

When you do a Pinterest search, you have the option to only display boards in the results; you’ll have to manually check to see if the board is a group board. It’s also smart to look at your competitors and see what groups they’re following/part of. There’s also plenty of Facebook groups for people looking for Pinterest collaborators. is a database of group boards that lets you sort them by subject, amount of followers, and other useful metrics.

How to Join a Group Board

Most boards will list their invitation criteria in their description. These criteria can include following the board, repinning some content, or leaving some comments.

How to Get Invited

If no one is responding to your request to join a group, try contacting the group owner on Pinterest or other social media sites. If you do that, make sure to be polite and let the owner know why you want to be a part of their board. When you receive an invitation, it will appear in your Pinterest inbox.

Having Trouble?

If Pinterest boards are proving troublesome for you, or you don’t know how to find group boards on Pinterest, you can try Tailwind Tribes, which are like group boards, but with dedicated admins, so things are a lot more orderly.

Group Boards & Tailwind Tribes

Tribes won’t replace group boards; it’s best to use them in tandem, maximizing your exposure.


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