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Huge amounts of photos are uploaded to Instagram every day, so it’s natural that you might want to save some for yourself. But due to copyright issues, you can’t just select the image and click “save picture,” you’ll have to go through some hoops.

Is It Against the Rules?

Saving an Instagram picture to your computer is perfectly acceptable, but if you save other people’s posts and try to pass them off as your own, the original poster can file a copyright claim against you. If you really want to repost content, be sure to get the original poster’s permission.

Saving Photos to Your Camera Roll

Here’s how to save photos from the Instagram mobile app to your phone’s camera roll:

  • Go to your profile and click the lined icon at the top right.
  • Click on Settings, then go to Original Photos
  • Swipe the Save Original Photos option to on. This makes it so that every photo you upload to Instagram will also get saved to your camera roll.

Saving Posts Without Screenshots

If you want to permanently save Instagram content without taking a screenshot, there’s a feature that lets you bookmark posts and saves them to a folder. Here’s how to do it:

  • Click on the icon that looks like a flag on the lower right corner of the post.
  • Go to the “Saved” section on your profile page.
  • Click the lined icon.
  • Click the bookmark icon.

Now that you’ve saved some pictures, here’s how to organize them:

  • To organize saved photos: Click the “Save to Collection” pop up.
  • Use the plus button to make a new collection.
  • To Organize bookmarks, click the bookmark icon on your profile and follow a similar procedure.

Bookmarks and collections are private, other users can’t see them, and the original posters won’t be notified that you’ve bookmarked their content.

Reasons to Save Photos to Collections

Collect UGC:

If you’re running a business account on Instagram, it’s a good idea to compile posts that mention your brand. Just be sure to get permission before reposting content.

Monitor the Competition:

Keep track of your competitor’s posts to see how much engagement they’re getting. That way you can see what techniques are successful.

Be Inspired by Others:

You can use your Instagram collections as vision boards. Helping you get inspired in your various endeavors.

Saving Photos to Your Camera Roll (Part 2)

While Instagram allows you to save your own photos, but due to copyright issues, they don’t let you save other people’s images. Luckily, there are a few workarounds you can use to save all the images you want.

Copying URLs

  • Open the Instagram mobile app.
  • Find your desired photo.
  • Select the “…” icon in the top corner.
  • Select “Copy Link”
  • Open an internet browser, go to the URL tab, hold it, and press “paste and go.”
  • Select the photo and hit “Copy.”
  • Go to the Notes app, then paste the image there.
  • Save the image.

Page Source

  • Access Instagram via the desktop.
  • Click the “…” icon on the photo.
  • Click “Go to Post”
  • Right-click and select “View Page Source” this opens up a tab with code on it.
  • Hold Ctrl+f and enter in .jpg.
  • Select the first link that comes up and copy it.
  • Open a browser tab and paste the link in the URL.
  • The image will come up, and you will be able to save the image like normal.

Third-Party Apps

Two of the most prominent Instagram download apps are DownloadGram and 4KStogram. For DownloadGram, you enter in the URL of the post, and it downloads it for you. 4KStogram is an app that downloads all an Instagram user’s content but requires a paid account.


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