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To establish your brand on social media, you need trust and credibility. If you do it right, social media can help you reach your target audience. But the hardest part  is getting started. There’s a lot of different sites, and it takes careful planning and a diligent process to make the most of them. You and your team also have to be present and engaging with your audience on social media.

Assessing Social Media Capacity

It’s essential to frankly assess how well your company will be able to handle social engagement. You have to be strategic about which  tools you use. Also, consider these factors:


It’s important to know how much time you have to spend on social media.


The two most important resources for social media are people to operate the  accounts and various apps and tools to streamline the process.


No amount of tools or human resources can make up for skill; you’ll need people who have the right talents to run your social media effectively.


Having a bad social presence is worse than not having one. Taking too long to respond to people, or responding negatively can create severe PR nightmares for your company. So take the time for proper  training.

Evaluating the Competition

One of the best ways to improve your  efforts is to see what your competitors are doing and how they compare to you in reach, conversation, and engagement. See what works and what doesn’t, and apply it to your endeavors. Apps like Simply Measured can help you obtain analytics for both your company and your competitors.

Engagement Rate:

Engagement refers to the percentage of new conversations with a brand, as opposed to replies to existing discussions.


It’s helpful to know how fast you’re able to respond to people on social media, the faster, the better. Reports can be generated that measure timeliness, response rate, and conversation length.


Reach is the quality of your overall social media presence. It’s the number of people following you, and how much they interact with your content.


Services like Simply Measured can aid you in formulating goals for your company’s presence. Keep track of your statistics and those of your competitors and use them to measure your success and what you need to improve.


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