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Pinterest is like the virtual version of sticking things to a cork board with push pins. It’s a great way to save ideas and products that you want to use later. Pinterest is frequently called a social media platform, but it’s more focused on being a search and discovery platform. People who use Pinterest often spend money trying the recipes, projects, and other things they discover on the site.

Pinterest for Users

People utilize this site for a myriad of reasons, from saving ideas, collaborating with people, to bookmarking things for later. As opposed to platforms like Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest is mostly a solitary experience.

Pinterest for Businesses

When people pin posts on Pinterest, they keep them around for a long time, especially when people are planning a big project like a wedding. This means that Pinterest is a goldmine for branded marketing. 75% of all content on the site comes from brands, with little complaint from the user-base. You can even set up buyable pins, allowing people to purchase products right from Pinterest. This website has a vast audience; in fact, it’s the number two driver of social traffic to websites. And most searches on the site are unbranded, so you have a lot of opportunities to get your products to the people.

What’s a Pin?

Pins are visual representations of products or ideas that a user can save to their pinboard. Pins consist of images, links, and descriptions. Clicking on a pin will enlarge it, and clicking again takes users to the pin’s link. Pinterest accounts can hold up to 200,000 pins.

What’s a Board?

Boards are collections of pins that serve as a method for a user to organize their ideas. For example, a user will create a board for a bathroom remodel, or for recipes they want to try. Users can share their boards with other users, creating shared boards. These allow users to collaborate and get feedback from other people. Also, there are secret boards, which are only visible to the creator and anyone they authorize to view the board. An account can create as many as 500 separate boards.


A profile contains all of a user’s pins, boards, and customized settings. Publicly displayed profile information includes usernames, real names or business names, your “About You” section and website URL, your follower and following counts, a profile picture, and a customized slide show of featured boards.

Following People

If you want to keep track of all the posts from a specific profile or board, you can follow them. Which makes all of their content show up on your home feed.

Being Followed

Having more followers means your content is reaching a wider audience. But ultimately more of your traffic comes from searches, so it’s better to optimize your SEO on Pinterest.

Saving and Repining

Users can pin images they find on the internet; they can also save pictures on Pinterest and reformat them into new pins.

Business Accounts

Business profiles provide users with more detailed performance analytics and the ability to advertise. Changing an account from personal to business is free of charge.


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