Facebook SEO: 10 Tips and Tricks

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Marketing on social media is crucial for any business. Social media gets you more brand recognition, brand loyalty, more conversion, and a better SERP rank. One of the biggest social media platforms is Facebook, 51% of Facebook users are likelier to purchase items from brands they follow on Facebook, and 80% of other social media sites connect to brands through Facebook. Optimizing your business’s Facebook page is crucial, so here are some ways you increase your SEO on Facebook.

Facebook SEO Tip #1: Get a Good Page Name

The first step of online marketing is to have a good name, a page name is a long-term commitment, so you need to pick something unique that can easily be found in search results. You also don’t want to pick a name that is too long, as that tends to make people wary of spam. Once you have a name picked out, don’t change it unless it’s absolutely necessary, you’ll lose all the brand recognition you’ve built up.

Facebook SEO Tip #2: Choose a Strong URL

Facebook allows you to customize your page’s URL, or username, after your page reaches 25 likes. Your username must be distinct, and Facebook has several guidelines on how you can put together your username. You can’t pick a name someone else is already using, they can only contain letters, number, or periods, it needs to be at least five characters long, periods and capital letters don’t count as distinct, usernames can’t contain generic terms or extensions, and you must adhere to Facebook guidelines. If your page is inactive for a while, you might lose your username.

Facebook SEO Tip #3: Strategically Place Keywords

Using keyword research to optimize your page is a crucial SEO technique. But since Facebook limits where you can place large amounts of text, the best place to put keywords is in the “about” section. You’ll also want to include keywords in your google meta description.

Facebook SEO Tip #4: Optimize Status Updates

Once you’ve made your Facebook page, you’ll need to start sharing compelling content. When you post content, be sure to include your keywords in the description. Google places more value on the first word in the description, and the first eighteen characters form the meta description, so choose your words carefully.

Facebook SEO Tip #5: Be Sure to Include Your Address

Using SEO on a national level is getting more and more competitive, thus it’s important to also focus on local SEO. Local SEO has been observed to grow faster than national SEO, and social media presence is a crucial aspect of SEO. When making a Facebook page, be sure to fill out all the items in the “Info” tab, especially the phone number and address. Your address and contact information help you get indexed for local SEO. It also makes your page seem more legitimate. Including your address also allows you to include keywords and Google gives preference to pages with specific information.

Facebook SEO Tip #6: Connect Your Business Page

When important pages link to your page, the more your page will be trusted by Google. If you already have a popular website, linking it to your Facebook page will increase its legitimacy and search rankings. This is especially true for articles. It’s important to let people know that you’re active on various social channels.

Facebook SEO Tip #7: Optimize Facebook Notes

Notes are normally used to inform and engage with your followers, to deliver important news about your business. But since Google indexes notes from businesses, you’ll want to take the opportunity to add keywords to your notes. Notes will also get higher rankings when they receive more comments.

Facebook SEO Tip #8: Link Your Website to Facebook

The best way to boost your SEO is to be connected to social media. If you manage to get the first rank for a specific keyword, you’ll get more traffic. When you post an article on your blog,

Facebook SEO Tip #9: Manage Your Reputation

Facebook SEO Tip #10: Bury Negativity with Engagement

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